Mac file to PC file conversion help?
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Is there a way to open .pages (iWorks) files in Word 2007 which doesn't involve going back to the original sender to get them to export the file?

I know if I rename the file to .zip I can extract the contents and get a PDF file and an XML file... but the PDF isn't editable and the XML comes up with a bunch of markup, of course.

What's the simplest fix here?
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The simplest way is to have the sender resend it as a .docx file. There really isn't another way.
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This will convert to text...
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I asked this question a few months ago and the .zip trick was the only one. I tried to find something about opening xml docs in 2007 on Microsoft's website but it's crashed my Firefox twice already. Maybe this will help?
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I use the advice here on quite a regular basis, it's the .zip theory and works fine.
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Is there any quick way to strip the xml markup out of the thing? Without the Pages convertor?
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I should clarify a bit here - I'm not against using the convertor mentioned above personally, but I can foresee a need here where I work to convert pages files to doc frequently and so I'm trying to find a process that is as easy and non-techie friendly as possible.
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You would need to develop some kind of XSLT translator. I just tried stripping the XML out of a Pages doc, and the output was not really useful. No line breaks, footnotes stuck at the beginning of the text, and a lot of Lorem Ipsum mysteriously prepended to the whole thing.
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If you find yourself needing to convert on a regular basis, and you can't convince the sender to send the file in Word format, then you need to have access to a running copy of Pages. Perhaps you could run OS X in a virtualization program such as VMWare.
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