Please find me some walls to stare at
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Buenos Aires Graffiti filter: Where are some notable pieces of street art, like these murals I just saw on the blue?

I would like to take some time to walk around and find excellent street art while in South America this summer. Buenos Aired seems like an excellent place to hunt, and so does Montevideo.

Is there anyone here who can either identify landmarks in these photos or point me to the excellent google earth graffiti locator that magically exists already? Is there a better place to ask this question?

I've been to Buenos Aires before, and casually noticed lots of really excellent stencils and things, but I thought that maybe this time I could make it a treasure hunt. My wife brings a camera but only seems to take pictures of dirty old walls.

I want to go find some stuff she'll really love.
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Flickr supports geotagging features, which could help your search in general terms.

Personally, I'd look for cities that are good places to wander around in and find graffiti, vs exact locations. These murals could be painted over, or even tagged over by now. I was in Rio de Janeiro for a short while, but saw more interesting graffiti than I did in Peru (in Lima for a short while, more time spent in Cuzco, and a few other cities).
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You could try Graffitimundo for info or a tour. But seriously, they could be painted over, which happened several times when I lived there for a few years. There seems to be an especially high concentration of great art San Telmo and Palermo.
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You could also ask the people behind

The area behind the Abasto shopping centre and around the Carlos Gardel museum also has many buildings with murals dedicated to this famous tango singer. They aren't as impressive as some of the designs you linked to, but they're colourful nevertheless.
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It's pretty small-scale, but the wall bordering the reserva ecologica had a lot of cool stencil pieces, many of them feminist, when I was there a year ago. [There are also sidewalk mosiac pieces around town commemorating sites of disappearances, but I guest those aren't walls...]
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Sifting through the Wooster Collective is always an option.
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