4th or 5th grade math learning software for kids?
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Math learning software for kids? Specifically, 4th or 5th grade level.
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The schools that my kids go to seem to really like the Math Blaster series, which continues up to Algebra and Calculus, if I recall correctly. There are tons of places online to read reviews about the series, and to order them. A friend of mine who teaches math recommends it too, for kids who want to work on their math skills at home.
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It's not software, but as a math-impaired kid I took up music and that made math far easier for me. If your kids want to join the orchestra or take private lessons, I can't say enough how helpful music was to me in understanding math.
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Somehow the second paragraph of my other comment didn't make it to the big show here, so let me add that my son was doing abysmally in math until he started playing card games, especially the Pokemon/RPG types, where you have to quickly calculate ranks and hit points and all of those other mysterious things. It was amazing, really, how much his math improved as soon as he started playing the card games. I bought him a gameboy, and got him a few of the Pokemon games, and there again, I could see his math skills improve. I don't know if they make Pokemon for PC/Mac, or if your child is too old to play them, but there are probably games similar to it out there somewhere.
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