Baking and bulk supplies in Montreal?
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I'm in Montreal- where can I find bulk cooking supplies (you know, like bins of measure it yourself spices, n' stuff?) and supplies for baking? I'm living in the downtown and can only get to places easily reached buy foot of public transit.

I think my question pretty much sums it up already, but I'll give a bit more background information. Local supermarkets carry very meager baking supplies- Provigo is almost always out of basic baking spices like cinnamon and other chains don't even have a section with sprinkles. Powdered cloves meant first a several store hunt for whole cloves and then improvised grinding with a hammer.

I can't be the only baking hobbiest in this city, can I? Where do you guys get your stuff?
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What part of downtown?

Health food stores often have good bulk sections for herbs & spices (A Votre Sante on Sherbrooke in NDG near Vendome metro has a decent selection). The IGA in Alexis Nihon is not bad for pre-packaged stuff and also has store-packed bulk selections for candied fruit and the like.

If you want you can PM me with your closest metro station and I can give you some options close to home.
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You can get to Anatol by taking the 55 up St-Laurent.
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For spices, I like the spice store at Jean Talon market (Olives et Epices).

Sprinkles are Hard. Nino's, ostensibly a kitchenware store (3667 boul. St-Laurent), has the biggest collection of sprinkles I've seen (and, actually, do also have a bunch of spices too, now that I think about it.)

I have bought decoratey things from The Internets. There's a Canadian based store, Vanilla Food Company (.ca), which has all sorts of things, and pretty decent service.
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(I should mention, that while ninos has the most I've seen, it's still pretty lame)
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One more. Last one, promise.

Ares is epic for cake pans and other such things. But is also a massive metro voyage from downtown.
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Au But is a restaurant supply store with food and equipment. It's near the Lionel Groulx metro near Marche Atwater.
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Oddly, the grocery store in the incredibly inconvenient Cavendish Mall (it's next to a bunch of bus lines, just not near downtown) has a very excellent supply of spices and baking goods; I also did well at the Super C next to the Atwater Market. You can get bulk chocolate etc at the vrac store in the market (across from the sausages); you can also do well at these at the Jean Talon market.

I don't usually see very many especially nice sprinkles around.
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There is a store in Le Faubourg St Catherine that has a large range of bulk supplies - lots of different flours, dried fruits etc as well as chocolates and candy. It looks a little dodgy from the outside but I have had no problems with freshness or quality.

I can't remember the name of the store right now but to find it - use the entrance to the mall closest to the corner of St Catherine and Saint Mathieu, you'll walk in and see a bagel shop on your left, a bookstore on your right, keep walking in and the store is in the far, right corner. Guy-Concordia is the closest Metro.
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unlaced, how could I have forgotten that place! Yes, it's excellent. The entrance is marked by a do-it-yourself cotton candy machine.
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