What are more songs that start off with (or feature) the stereotypical Native American "tom tom" beat?
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What are more songs that start off with (or feature) what I can best describe as the Native American "tom tom" beat?

Hard to explain and loosely interpreted, but examples include Radiohead's There There and Neil Youngs Fuckin' Up.
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Hank Williams' "Kawliga," and every one of its ten thousand covers (including several by Native bands).

Tim McGraw's "Indian Outlaw," an odd hit from the 90s.

Bob Wills' "Cherokee Maiden" (early 1940s)

Ernest Tubb's "Tennesee Saturday Night"

There are many more examples in country music.

On the other hand, country is beloved in Native America, and has very strong performance traditions in several Native communities.
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Poor Old Kaw-Liga springs to mind.
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Night and Day by Cole Porter
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No No Keshagesh by Buffy Ste Marie which is awesome
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Cherokee: a jazz standard by Ray Noble, as performed by Clifford Brown and Max Roach in the link.
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Van Halen: Everybody Wants Some
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The Eagles' Witchy Woman seems like a (maybe too obvious) example. And it's more uptempo, but Fleetwood Mac's Tusk?

And there's some rock song that comes to mind that starts with a slow prominent bassline, but I can't think of it. Now it'll haunt me all day tomorrow... I think it goes EFEFC.
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The recording I have of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' Rag Doll kind of has that. (Link should go to Lala. Youtube versions don't seem to have the same beginning.)
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Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier

On purely musical grounds, that's far more 'burundi beat' than 'tom tom,' but ironically, on the same album is "The Human Beings," which features the proper beat and even appropriate lyrical content.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned "Indian Reservation" by the Raiders, or its original incarnation by John Loudermilk, "The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian."

And there's "Witchi Tai To," by Jim Pepper, Harpers Bizarre and Everything Is Everything - all three versions are great,
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Seconding The Human Beings by Adam and the Ants (sorry that I can only find the live "Prince Charming Revue" version; the album version's drums are much heavier and clearer). Dog Eat Dog and Stand and Deliver also have it.

I cannot possibly tell you how exciting it was to see that entire concert on MTV when I was 12 or 13. My best friend and I -- decked out with white bands of greasepaint across our noses -- basically shrieked through the entire thing. Bless you and your perfect cheekbones, Adam Ant.
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The song "Indian Cars" (or "NDN Kars," I'm not sure how the title is spelled) by Keith Secola.
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I got it... "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap. No wonder it wasn't coming to mind right away.

How could he leave that behind?
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Oh Leo by The Sugarplastic.
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The Cars You're All I've Got Tonight
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Godsmack's Voodoo.
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Apache by The Shadows. That's archetypal.

Flowers of Romance by PiL. This whole album has a lot of heavy drumming on it.

The Hanging Garden by The Cure, who nicked it from . . .

Atrocity Exhibition by Joy Division.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun by The Pink Floyd.
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Running Bear by Johnny Preston.
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My wild love - the doors SLYT
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Half Breed by Cher.
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Witch Queen of New Orleans by Redbone. Sort of, but that is the first song that came to me.
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The Indians - King Missile (though it is less of a song and more of a spoken word piece).
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Does Nightwish's "Creek Mary's Blood" fit the bill? If the intro doesn't work, check out the bridge / solo section.
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Ramones "Pinhead."
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Freedom of Choice by Devo.
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Fleetwood Mac - Tusk

And I can't resist adding in this one, which I guess is sort of tom tommy in the opening seconds. Poison - Cry Tough. You know you love it!
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Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling

They use vocals to simulate the tom tom drum beat.
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Tears For Fears - Mad World
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How about Ween's Exactly Where I'm At?
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This may be a little off-course but in a book by Ian Whitcomb he mentioned BAION music, featuring "a repeated boom-pause-pah-boom figure" which I hear in
Rag Doll by the Four Seasons
Be My Baby by the Ronettes
Foxy Foxy by Mott the Hoople and
Don't Touch Me There by the Tubes
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Peter Gabriel loves interesting drum beats, and whilst wikipedia (on a quick check) tells me it is about Carl Jung in Africa, The Rhythm of the Heat has always seemed like it matches your criteria to me. As a bonus it has a mass drumming finish which blows my mind!
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In the early 1970's there was a Native American rock band called XIT. They sometimes used traditional drumming styles with a rock framework. The lyrics address cultural issues. Recent Reunion projects.
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"I Want Candy" - The Strangeloves or Bow Wow Wow or Melanie C: take your pick.

"Iko Iko" - The Belle Stars
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Freedom of Choice by Devo.

That sounds so much like Cream's N.S.U in the beginning.
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Late note: there was a deleted comment in this thread addressing cultural appropriation.

This comment did not strictly adhere to the guidelines for ask-me, but it did provide some useful insight in the context of the question.
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One more I think matches the OP's criteria exactly, but who'd have guessed? Mothra by the Peanuts.
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