Any MeFites have advice on a trip to the baseball and football halls of fame?
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Any MeFites have advice on a trip to the baseball and football halls of fame?

My grandfather wants to take a trip to Canton and Cooperstown. I am not terribly excited but might may make it happen just to spend some time with him (I am not exactly a sports nut). How much time should we plan on spending there? Any suggestions to get the most out of the trips? Is there a guide that would help? Should I try to steer it into one HOF instead of two?

Thank you for your thoughts.
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I've been to Cooperstown and it's a beautiful town that offers more than the HOF. It's on beautiful Lake Otsego, Brewery Ommegang is there as well as some nice art museums.
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Cooperstown, NY, is not that far from Williamsport, PA. I've always wanted to visit Cooperstown and the Little League World Series on the same trip.
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Cooperstown is a bit out of the way, geographically. (Every so often someone says that it would make more sense for the Hall of Fame to be in an easier-to-get-to location; it's apparently an especially big problem when they have the induction ceremonies.) When my parents and I went we ended up staying in Binghamton, NY, about an hour and a half away. However, I wasn't really consulted on the planning of that trip, and the point of that may have been to break up the driving (from Philadelphia) a bit.

It's definitely worth the trip for a baseball fan; I'm not sure how interesting it would be for a non-fan, probably a lot like seeing any museum of things you don't particularly care about. (But as people have pointed out, there are other things to see in Cooperstown, although I haven't seen them.)
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Cooperstown is called "the village of museums." If you like Early American art, you will want to go to Fenimore House.

Do a search for Otsego County bed & breakfasts. Here's a The only one I can think of off of the top of my head is this place to consider. (I love Worcester; YMMV.) If you've got the cash, stay at the Otesega in Cooperstown. It's where the Hall people stay every year and where the induction luncheon is held. If you are interested, the national soccer hall of fame is in Oneonta, also in Otsego County.

Tons of outdoorsy stuff there.

I miss Otsego County!
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recommend College Football HOF which used to be in Kings Mills OH (Kings Island!) but is now in South Bend, IN, downtown, across the street from the most delicious Marriott.

lovely scenery, nice parks, the St. Joseph River for sightseeing (and kayaking, if that's your bag). also the food in south bend is unexpectedly awesome. we went to some 60-year-old italian joint about a mile from downtown (Rocco's) - seriously best italian food I've ever had.

there is also good burgers 'n custard to be had, and lots of good-looking middle eastern food (I say good looking because we didn't get to go there but there was a lot, so competition makes good food, right?).

good luck and have fun!
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plus if you/he have your hearts set on canton it's only half a day's drive!
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The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown has the Cardiff Giant.
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You're not into sports, but what ARE you into? And what would your grandfather go along with? Cooperstown has a small folksy museums and a brewery. In the summer it has Glimmerglass Opera. On Labor Day weekend it has a balloon festival. They have your typical regional theatre/classical music options you'd find in lots of small towns. There are also a lot of easy hiking options.
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The actual baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (technically, the Hall of Fame refers to only the room with the plaques) is something you'll knock out easily in a day. Four-to-Six hours is plenty for most people. But your grandfather would also like walking up and down the street the museum's on. It's filled with tons of memorabilia/collectible stores, and they have just as many interesting things to see as the museum does. He'll also want to see Doubleday Field. Including the Hall and Museum, you can still fit this all in one day.
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It's been years since I was in Cooperstown. One unusual thing I did there was spend time in the library at the HOF viewing photographs in their collection. I was in grad school at the time and don't recall what permissions I asked for before arriving but if you are interested in Americana, through the "lens" of baseball, that might add an extra dimension to your visit.
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Are you planning to do them in the same trip? They're not particularly (or even remotely) close together....
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