Tipping the groceryman?
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Have you ever purchased groceries online and had them delivered to your home? Did you tip the delivery person?

Should I be tipping the guy/gal that brings the food to my house? This is ordering through safeway.com or other grocery store, not a delivery service.
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Yes, and of course.

Double if it's raining.
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I've never had it done but the service was provided at the grocery I used to live by and they had a note at the register entitled "should I tip my delivery person should I chose to have my groceries delivered?" and the answer was "YES" in like 48-pt font.
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I've used FreshDirect in NYC before.

Their web site expressly says that tips are not expected. I've gotten confused looks from a delivery guy before when I tried to tip him.

All of this surprises me.
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I've used two companies in my area. One strongly encourages tipping; the other allows no tipping whatsoever, but has a substantially higher delivery fee.
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I've ordered from Acme (which is an Albertson's supermarket brand) home delivery and they made it very clear when I tried to tip them that tips were not allowed.

Bottom line, check the website where you order for more info. If there's no further guidance there, err on the side of tipping.
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Yes and yes. I've ordered from Fresh Direct, D'ags, and also had groceries purchased in-store at Fairway delivered. I usually tip $5 for my grocery order.
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Yes and no, and it was awkward.

In Baltimore, the grocery store delivery sources say explicitly "our drivers do not accept tips." I tried to tip the first time I did it and was entirely shut down, so I stopped.

Then I moved to DC, and ordered groceries through the same service. Guess what happened?

Bottom line: unless it says explicitly not to, tip.
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FreshDirect went from "tips not accepted" to "tips not expected" in ~ 2007. So we started tipping $3-5 for a regular delivery. A couple of times we tipped more (giant cat litter deliveries, etc.) This was in Harlem, NYC, from 2005-2009.
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I've had groceries delivered 100+ times over the past 6 years by 7 or 8 different stores in two cities.

I'll tip if there's no delivery fee, if I'm paying cash or if the weather is nasty.

Otherwise, no, not really.
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You are definitely supposed to tip FreshDirect.
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Yes, I have used every internet grocery delivery service that has ever existed. No, tips were not accepted.

Peapod delivery people did not accept tips. Webvan delivery people did not accept tips. Albertsons delivery people did not accept tips. Safeway delivery people did not accept tips.
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The only time I haven't tipped is with one particular grocer, the delivery guy told me they didn't take tips.

The attempt to tip should definitely be made.
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I order from Safeway.com in San Francisco. I think you should tip grocery delivery when possible, but my delivery guys have told me that they're not allowed to accept any cash.
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Yes and yes.

Peapod drivers in Evanston/Chicago accepted tips from 2000 (or whenever they started) to 2006 -- and because when I used them it was (a) winter, (b) I was always ordering at least $250 worth of groceries, and (c) I lived on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I always tipped.

At the time on their site's FAQs, this question was asked and they said tipping wasn't necessary but certainly appreciated.

I included the tip as part of the check or credit card charge and the form I signed had a place for you to add that to the total -- which was always part of the process from 2004 on.
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Yes, for the last several years and yes, we tip. Mind you, we live up three flights of stairs so, YEAH, we tip.

Bonus anecdote: my grocery store very recently stopped delivery to my part of town. I found out when I happened to be in the real store last week, at the cash register with a very full cart. Our regular delivery guy happened to walk by and overrode the cashier, saying "Oh yeah, we deliver to HER, she's a regular!" Being a good tipper can come in handy...
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Bonus bonus: the delivery guy didn't know my name, but when he saw me he called out "Hey! Thirty-four steps!"
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Another yes. Freshdirect, Manhattan, usually $5.
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I've used Safeway several times in the Sacramento area. When I tried to tip the delivery guy, he told me he wasn't allowed to take tips.
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Yes, and yes ($5). Even when I lived on the first floor. (Maybe partially because I always ordered way more canned food than I'd ever want to carry home ... )
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Another yes here. Also FreshDirect in Manhattan. I give around $5, especially when I've ordered something like 5 gallons of juice along with my regular order.
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Mrs. Director uses Amazon Fresh. She doesn't even see the guy as the bins are deposited on the porch. So no tipping.
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I use AmazonFresh which has this policy:
Our policy is not to accept tips. After all, our job is to make your life easier; delivering a high-quality service should be your expectation.
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I use Fresh Direct in Brooklyn, and I usually tip the cost of the delivery fee -- $5 -- unless I've ordered a particularly heavy assortment of groceries, in which case I'll go as high as $10.

It's not expected, but I live on the third floor and it seems the decent thing to do.
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I've used Fresh Direct since maybe 2005, and I tip them $20 every time. I, too, live on the 3rd floor, and $20 is a bargain compared to me trying to lug weeks worth of groceries up my narrow, poorly lit, rickety stairs.
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From the Safeway.com delivery FAQ:

Do your drivers accept tips?

Tipping is not necessary, and our drivers do not accept tips. Our goal is to give you high-quality service at the lowest possible price.

I use Vons.com delivery and its parent company is Safeway and the same rules apply.
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I also use Fresh Direct and tip them very generously. I'm on the sixth floor and buy all of my staples (canned goods, cat food, cat littler, etc.) from them about once a month, which means a lot of seriously heavy boxes coming up 5 flights of stairs. I am eternally grateful to them for this.
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Yes and no, but this is in the UK.
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When the old HomeGrocer.com (not the same as the folks who have the name now, though they have the old logo!) delivered to us, the driver told me with a big grin, "No tips please, we have stock options!" Ah, the dot-com bubble days... Anyway, it seems like a lot of the newer delivery set-ups also explicitly reject tips. But it probably does depend on the company, and on where you live.
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With Peapod in Chicago, there's a space on the receipt for tips, but it's underscored on the FAQ and by the drivers that it is not expected and is optional.
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chiming in late for posterity as I was searching on this today before my Peapod delivery (NYC). There's a spot in the online order form if you "want" to tip. Given that I had about 30 2 liter bottles of soda delivered to a 2F walk up I happily gave him a tip and he seemed genuinely grateful. I've had the same tip for the same apt. looked at with a hairy eyeball from Fresh Direct
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