The Lorum Ipsum of Images
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I am looking for a sample gallery pack for use in testing uploading images in web applications. I would like to download a zip of copyright free images that meet a variety of qualifications, the prime one being that all of the pictures must not be offensive or weird to clients, in the same way that Lorum Ipsum text is used as a non nonsensical but useful placeholder for the layout of a web application.

This would seem to be something obviously already done 10 years ago, but it looks like it's not been done.

The qualifications this image gallery should meet is...
  • Variety of image sizes (widescreen, profile size)
  • Variety of formats
  • Dark and Light pictures
  • Bland, and demure so as to not cause any "concerns" with clients when they're testing. This is the hardest part... Some people hate dogs or they find children annoying.
  • Corrupted Images
  • Obviously a picture, not an image of text that says "Image Here"
  • Correctly labeled
If there isn't one out there, I guess we could build it here, eh?
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The Qbist plug-in for the free graphics application the GIMP can generate a variety of attractive abstract patterns based on random seeds to fit an arbitrary image size. They would say "this is an image" fairly well like lorem ipsum says "this is text" without actually looking like anything - just colorful and pretty. I can email you a few samples if you want.
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