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How do I play professionally for (another) international basketball team?

Not me, in fact, but a young man in our community. He played for Ukraine's basketball league last year. It was a life-changing and life-affirming experience for the 21-year old. He is an inspiration to other young people here. And he was supposed to play again this year, but the "agent" who got his contract (for Russia) signed him to a contract tied to two other players. When one defaulted, the entire contract fell apart.

Now he eagerly wants to play again and play more, and to continue playing internationally. I need suggestions to help this young man succeed.

He does not in fact have a bona fide agent. Does he need one? He is blessed to be as talented as he is. Does he need a website or other such support to market his name and presece?

MeFi, your international sports acumen is appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: You don't technically need an agent, but the kinds of contacts required make getting one de rigueur.

Best suggestion would be to contact other players with agents, or high-end skills camps or private coaches, and get recommendations.

FIBA will also help you find a certified agent.

Does he need a website or other such support to market his name and presece?

The agent should handle that for him, but it certainly doesn't hurt.
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Response by poster: Thanks CPB!
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