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I'm throwing out all my trousers. Where in London should I get new ones?

I'm tired of trousers that don't fit. I want to get new ones.

I'm female, short, reasonably thin but curvy so almost nothing fits both my waist and my hips.

I'm also rubbish at finding clothes online. Ideally, I'd go to a nice quiet store where the salespeople would tell me what style I should try on for my figure. Ideally, the shop would also shorten them for me.

I'm looking for casual wear trousers. I have a decent pair of jeans, but want something reasonably comfortable in a sturdy material so no light cottons. Cords, tweed, wool, khakis, the thick cottony stuff they make casual non-denim trousers out of, that sort of thing. No or minimal synthetics. I'm looking to spend 50 to 150 pounds per pair, would go up for something really nice.

My style: conservative, dark colours. Occasional long boots. Structured rather than fluttery.

So my question:

Which physical shops in London would you recommend I go look for women's trousers? Priced 50-150 pounds, conservative looks and colours, very good informed staff who can tell me what to wear.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions for items or styles to look out for, that would be greatly appreciated, but definitely a secondary request.

I'm not interested in online shopping as I want to try things on and get expert advice. I have enough skirts and dresses. Not interested in vintage or second-hand clothing. Aside from these constraints, I'd love to hear about your favourite boutiques but also department stores and concessions, high-street shops, or anywhere else even if it seems obvious.

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Best answer: A friend who has a similar shape reckons Next is the most reliable high-street option for those kind of pants
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Best answer: Have you tried Margaret Howell? Her clothes are casual, chic, not particularly cutting-edge but sublimely cut and timeless. Her boutique at 34 Wigmore Street does alterations (her trousers do come up loooonng), and the staff really do know their stuff.

Also, you might want to jump on a No 38 to the Angel and check out Susy Harper in Camden Passage ( ) - she designs and makes all her fantastically elegant clothes herself - and her trousers are great. She'll take things up/in as much as you want.

Happy shopping!
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Best answer: The big department stores have personal shopping services, and you don't have to be a big spender - just looking for that 'perfect pair of jeans' or trousers or whatever is a good enough reason to use them.
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tangentially related: maybe instead of throwing them out you could donate them to oxfam or something like that?
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I have unusual hip/waist proportions too, and I generally have to buy pants that fit in the hips, and then take them in a bit at the waist and thighs so they look nice. There are some stores that will do alterations so it's worthwhile asking.
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also - stretch fabrics are your friend - a little give in the pants makes them a lot more comfortable, and there's a lot of fabrics around these days that you can't tell they're stretchy just by looking at them.
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