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Can somebody identify this shirt (the guy in the middle)?

The guy wearing this shirt only shows up a couple of times in the video for Lupe Fiasco's Dumb it Down. My roommate and I can't figure it out, and google's not a big help either.

This is a screenshot of the guy. He shows up at about 1:05 and 3:30.
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Looks russian/cyrillic to me. Top appears to be "CMБPTB". Bottom "АЯГАВЫА". But I'm probably not copying that right (owing to the short clips and that I don't know any russian). Google searches don't bring up much... maybe a speaker can make something of it.
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Best answer: I think the shirt reads "смерть лягавым" which is translated as "death to coppers"
The second word, "лягавым", is the conjugated version of a slang word for police officers which originated in criminal dialect.

I hope that helps.
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nth Mayhembob - I speak Bulgarian and Russian, and although it's pretty blurry from the screencap, that exactly what I'd say the shirt says.
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The transliteration of лягавым is Lyagavim, more or less, right?

Huh. I didn't expect to learn something about Brothers Karamazov from a Lupe Fiasco AskMe.
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