I'm trying to find a website I saw a few years ago.
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I'm trying to find this interactive map that I saw a few years ago that mapped relationships between members of the mafia, similar in style to theyrule.net, but my googling fails me. Does anybody else remember such a website?
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Could it have possibly been about a certain group of fictional members of the mafia that ended a few years ago? Here's a description of HBO's map, and one from NJ.com. I also found this and this and this. There may be others. Helpful search terms are "org chart" and "family tree".

Incidentally, this map about the characters in R. Kelly's opera "Trapped in the closet" is awesome.
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I agree about the awesomeness of the R Kelly map.
The site I'm looking for definitely featured real-life mafia figures though, organized by family, and was one of the earliest sites that I remember seeing (circa 2002?) that had an interactive flash interface which queried a database. In fact, the website might have been a proof of concept for a web designer showcasing the tech-- and they simply chose the mafia as good example of a dynamic- tree-structure-type interface. Thanks so far.
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Yes! This is it. Sadly though, they seem to have gotten rid of the flash interface. Thanks.
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