Anyone tweeting tomorrow's Apple event?
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Can someone recommend a reliable twitterer who will be liveblogging the Apple event tomorrow?

Sadly, I am going to be in a class tomorrow during the entire event. I will have my iPhone, though, and want to set up push notifications of a liveblogger (livetweeter?). I think it will be stealthier to just have messages pop-up as things happen (silent/no vibration) than to be staring at a safari screen for 90 minutes straight.

Also, any recommendations for a twitter app that does push notifications? Ideally free, since that's not a feature I generally want.
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Not a twitter feed but engadget is doing a liveblog here:

Perhaps one of their commenters will have a twitter feed?
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2 to 1 says that twitter goes down under the strain. Liveblogs might be a better bet.
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They've just added a new feature as well. Hmm...
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Best answer: MacRumors is really strong for this sort of thing. They have an AJAX-y interface on their website which automatically updates without needing to hit refresh (not sure if that will work on an iPhone), and they also promise Twitter updates:
MacRumors will provide consolidated coverage of the event which takes place Wednesday, January 27th at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern. Live Twitter updates can be followed at @MacRumors, with news stories appearing on @MacRumorsRSS. We also offer a Spoiler Free page if you prefer to watch a time-delay of the video feed.
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In addition to the MacRumors link above, Gizmodo just said they'll be updating their twitter with news from the event, but it won't be as detailed/comprehensive as the liveblog itself.

I'm in the same situation as you, and I haven't really found a solution that I'm happy about yet.
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Here, just follow all of them at once.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the links alphasunhat and fairytale. I think MacRumors ill be best for my needs: looking for just one, reliable, source of updates.

Now, anyone know a good push twitter client?
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Best answer: The easiest way to go is just to turn on SMS notifications on Twitter, set only MacRumors to ping your mobile and go from there. But that'll use up your text message allocation.

I'm not sure if there are any completely free push Twitter clients, since push requires that the app's developer maintain a server that monitors Twitter for you. I use a combination of Boxcar (1.99) + Tweetie 2 (2.99) personally; I'm sure you could use the free Twitterriffic if you want to save the client fee (although personally I'm in love with Tweetie like no other iPhone app). I did a brief search for twitter push and didn't see anything too promising, so another MeFi will have to chime in if there is something out there.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I'm all set now to follow macrumors and get notifications via boxcar. Can't wait to read about the Jesus Tablet...
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