Red Licorice Recipe?
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Do you have a reliable red licorice recipe? I have searched and searched, but get stuck with black licorice recipes or recipes that use red licorice, but not actual red licorice recipes.

I know that the basic ingredients are wheat flour and corn syrup, but what ratio and what method of combination? Can I alter the flavor to make it more like Red Vines or more like Twizzlers? How would I make Australian style licorice?

Please add any personal experience you have making it, thanks!
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Here you go.
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Also, consider that this candy is a variant of a fruit-flavored taffy, just extruded into a specific shape. You could try re-purposing a taffy recipe to make something very similar.
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Why not just replicate a black licorice recipe – whatever one you chose – using cherry flavor oil in place of anise flavor?
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Response by poster: Cool Papa- I googled that one, but it's not the Wheat Flour/Corn Syrup mix that I'm looking for, that's more gelatinated soda and has the anise flavoring (black licorice). I don't think that it is like taffy, I'm thinking more like red vines if that helps clear up what I'm looking for, thanks!

Mr. Remy - I'll see if the recipes are adaptable, but I am really hoping that someone has a proven recipe out there that already has the ratios. I imagine that it would take some tinkering with the Cherry Oil versus Anise flavor.
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I favorited you because I've been wanting to do the same thing, but I looked about six months ago and indeed the Internet is empty of information here (someone else agrees). My hasty conclusion was that it might just be an industrial candy that is difficult if not impossible to do by hand.
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Best answer: I did not find anything in my professional quality confectioner's cookbook. Harold McGee says the traditional ratios are 60% flour, 30% molasses, 5% licorice oil (leaving 5% unexplained). Best I can come up with.
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Response by poster: Thanks shothobot, I'll give that a try
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Response by poster: Here are a couple recipes that I am going to try out, for reference:

Interesting that they say "This recipe is very hard to find as it industry-guarded secret ever since the commercial candymakers came out with licorice whips about 100 years ago."

With such simple ingredients, it seems like I could narrow down on the answer by constructing a Design of Experiments.
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Good luck & please post the results.
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