1099? WD-40!!
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Is there a way to fill out 1099's online without signing up on an accounting site? Surely there's something easier than using a typewriter!
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Can't you download the form from the IRS website and use your computer? It's just a PDF form.
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You can download the 1099-MISC, but, as the first page says, you can't file the downloadable copy. I think it's because they need the special red ink.
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I recommend the (free) taxACT online site.
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No doubt I am probably not answering your query. But... if you 'buy' blank 1099's from an office supply store and use the software included with the forms you can create 1099's to be mailed out. I guess what I am missing is why you want to fill them out online. Just disregard this if I am missing something.
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I use a service called eFileforBusiness. They charge $3.50 or so per 1099 and use a wizard approach that saves addresses and SS# and all that. The first year it took some time, but to the extent my hires overlap it saves time and is well worth it to me. They also do W-2 forms.

Yahoo is offering an all the 1099s you need for $25 plan this year. I haven't used it.
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I bought the forms but no software was included ... sorry JayRwv, I don't think I stated my question clearly enough. I don't want to fill them out online, but I do want to fill them out on my computer.

Misha, I will try the taxACT site and see where that leads me.

Thanks everyone, now I have some starting points and I don't feel nearly as desperate!
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If you're filing few enough that using a web service will be a pain, the IRS does accept hand-written 1099s (instructions, p. 6).
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That is odd. I bought my 1099 forms at Staples. It came with Tax Form Helper software to enter the data and print 1099's. But you found a solution already.
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Update: , W2mate (2009) for the low, low price of $39.00. Worth every penny to not have to use the typewriter. Funny, I used to be crazy accurate touch typing but the computer keyboard has spoiled me. Again, thanks to everyone.
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Sorry, that's Realtaxtools.com, W2mate (2009), I'm at work and don't have time to figure out how to link.
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