Where else can I find smart people online?
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I love AskMeFi and MetaFilter because (well, it's just awesome) of the intelligent conversation. Where else can I find that online? I have a wide range of interests, so suggestions can be very varied as far as topic(s) go!
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The Something Awful forums are well moderated, have subforums for many different topics, and have a large user base. On the down side it costs $10 to register. Make sure you read the rules before posting because they'll ban you.
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A helpful recent AskMe
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Making Light
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Seconding Something Awful.
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Guardian Talk is fantastic, though perhaps slightly UK-centric. Is SA worth the cash, then? I've thought about joining but worried it was a bit 4Chan, which I cannot be bothered with.
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I don't know what "a bit 4 chan" means but I'm going to assume it means wacky or juvenile or obsessive or something. There are parts of SA that are devoted to less than serious discussion (GBS, BYOB, FYAD) but it is generally against the rules for those subforms to leak into the other discussion forums. If you stick to the topical forums (like sports, cars, fitness, cooking, politics / issues, guns, drugs, tech, pets, media) you will generally only find well-moderated, interesting, and topical discussion. The on-going thread on home brewing, for example, is excellent and full of good advice. Well worth the $10 in my opinion, but I've been a member for almost 6 years and probably browse at least an hour a day.
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May be too music centric but I love everything is smart and intense.
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Try brainstorms.rheingold.com - its free. Or for a monthly fee try the oldest online community on the web at www.well.com
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