Blues Guitarist and Harmonica Player
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A bunch of years ago, on Public Access TV in NYC, I saw some old live footage of an electric blues guitarist playing with singer/harmonica player. A couple of times, the guitarist would play a solo, and in the middle of it, the singer would stop him by placing his hands on the guitar strings. It was amazing. I was thinking that in might be Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know who it was and where I can see that footage again?
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How many years ago are we talking?

Since around 2001, this has been NYC's public access TV group.

Maybe someone there knows what you're looking for.
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Until 18 months ago, I worked IT at MNN. There are no digital archives to speak of, though there were plans to implement digital archiving as I was leaving. There's not even much of a tape archives, as most tapes are returned to the individual producers. While content is digitized for air now, it's not kept around for very long and falls off the video management system's storage fairly quickly.

Your best bet is to call MNN and ask for Jeannette, who is the current directory of Programming. She might be able to track down some more information by asking the long-timers. Tell Jeannette I said hi. She's a good egg.

Having a better timeframe for when it aired would be useful. Good luck.
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