I know someone didn't pay $400 for a cab ride
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Why did I just see a NYC taxi in Natick, Massachusetts?

On my lunch break, I passed a New York City cab in a parking lot near where I work. I didn't want to go full-on stalker, so I really only noticed that:

1) It looked like the real deal, newish graphic design and all.
2) It had an MA license plate.
3) It didn't appear to have a hackney license, but I didn't inspect it up close or anything.

What's the deal? Can you legally buy used taxicabs for personal use? Is that a thing?
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Someone filming a movie?
posted by suedehead at 10:55 AM on January 26, 2010

Likely a movie, although in a city of the super rich, people do often pay hundreds for cab rides (but the plate leads me to believe that's not the case).
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Response by poster: Oh, it was parked outside a Walgreens pharmacy and there was no filming equipment that I saw.
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NYC's Taxi and Limousine commision does permit taxis to make a trip out of the city "so long as the driver and the passenger agree on the fare before taking the trip." New Yorks' Taxi and Limousine service rules have a whole clause set up for how taxis report that fare.

According to Google Maps, it's only a 3-hour drive; I've hired a limo to get me from a remote place upstate to a wedding in Queens, and it was about the same distance so it's not THAT ridiculous a concept. I'd be more inclined to think it was some kind of movie, but it is indeed possible it was a taxi who just had a really big fare.
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There's no way to be sure without closer examination (particularly of the medallion and the inside of the cab) but with an MA plate? A movie. As for being at the Walgreens, perhaps some PA was sent out on an errand, and that was the only car available?

Man, now I'm wishing there was a photo....
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I doubt it was a movie as a movie filming in a town like Natick would be all over the paper. Plus, it wouldn't have had MA plates.

I wonder if it was some sort of promotional prop. It'll probably show up at The Mall, er, Collection soon.

Were they regular MA plates or dealer plates?

Now I'm curious.
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Response by poster: Regular plates, and the body of the car looked kind of beat up (cracked bumper).
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Ohhhh, I missed that it had an MA license.

In that case, I'd be inclined to chalk it up to being a very, very good copy instead of an outright actual cab with MA plates. Or someone who wanted to goof around with their car a bit and downloaded the current NYC design and put it on their own car for fun.
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Maybe the taxi driver was on vacation. Pretty sure that most taxi drivers own their cars and can use them for personal use.
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Seconding "it's not a real taxi"
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Best answer: Of course you can buy a used New York Taxi.
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I know someone didn't pay $400 for a cab ride

You'd be surprised. That does actually happen in real life.

The Massachusetts license, however, leads me to believe that that's a used model.
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Fringe also tapes in massachusetts. Maybe its from their set?
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Response by poster: Apparently they're cheap, too! I want one.
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but Fringe also takes place in Massachusetts, so why would they have an NYC cab?
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Cab companies vary. In some of them, the drivers own their own cabs outright which gives them a lot of flexibility in the hours they work, etc.

The last time I took a cab to the airport for a relatively short hop flight to see family, the driver and I had a really entertaining conversation about the Art Bell show and the old Firesign Theater radio plays. (I think he was especially delighted I knew what the latter was.) He cheerfully gave me his card and urged me to call directly the next time I needed a lift. "Hey, I can probably get you there cheaper than flying next time!" Which led to some anecdotes of times he'd done similar things for some passengers, giving them lifts over half-day drive distances etc when time and circumstances were blocking other transport options.

So it could be something like that, though the MA license argues against that possibility.
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Most likely a used taxi that someone bought or received. A NYC taxi has to have NY plates, and if it was for a movie they would have put NY plates on the car.
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Is there a train yard nearby?

There is a big train yard near my house, and cabs "hang out" in an adjacent parking lot, waiting for a call to pick up someone from the train yard. I guess it's a desirable client - the cab takes the engineer (or whatever position they have) a very long distance to....another train yard? Home? And the train company pays for it all.

I asked a cabbie about this once, but it was years ago and the specifics are gone - sorry!
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Make and model of the car? Crown Vic?
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Out of curiosity, was it a reasonably modern 'NYC' cab (e.g. 4-door sedan, or one of the new hybrids), or was it a Checker Cab?

Only because I've seen a few loving restorations of Checker Cabs over the years, but I can't imagine anyone wanting a 1988 Crown Vic taxi cab.

(a side note - I followed your link to the cabs for sale - are they really that cheap? Seems like $15k is a lot to pay for a 2 year old car with 220,000 miles. Man do they drive the wheels off those things)
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Regarding Fringe being filmed in MA: I was pretty bummed to find out that, aside from the few flyover shots, none of it is filmed here at all.
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Response by poster: swngnmonk, and Zambrano, it was a 4-door Crown Victoria. Not really the most beautiful or exciting car, so someone buying it cheap & used makes the most sense. I'm guessing that whoever owned it must have lived in the NYC area at the time of purchase and then moved up here and re-registered it.

And you're right, a lot of those cabs are way overpriced. I was temporarily blinded by the $1000 ones.
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There is a taxi company called "JFK Taxi" in Natick. Perhaps they've co-opted the NY taxi look.
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