Decent Budget Hotels in Kuala Lumpur
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Can anyone recommend a decent budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur

I'm planning a trip to Malaysia & Singapore in the spring & researching the different locations for accomodations. Flying into Kuala Lumpur, so I've been trying to find a place to book for my first night before taking off to Penang. I've been looking at the reviews on Trip Advisor and so far, any place that seems to fall into a budget range (like $30-$70 US) doesn't have very good reviews. Like mostly complaints about cleanliness & quality of facilities. It's a shot in the dark, but figured I'd ask and see if anyone has traveled there recently and has a place in the budget price range that they'd recommend. I'm not fussy (long time backpacker, been all over Latin America), but reading comments about dirty bedsheets and bathrooms is making me wonder if I'm going to have to just pay for a more expensive Western style hotel while I'm staying in KL. Thanks!
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I stayed at Hotel Melia last year and was quite happy. It's in the heart of town.
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I found the StayOrange, in Chinatown to be small, basic, cheap and clean. It's right on Jalan Petaling, which is the covered night market/walking street. I thought that the location was great. I was able to get around to see the city fairly easily. For some reason, I like staying in Chinatowns (NOT RACIST!) The room was definitely small and windowless, but I didn't hang out in it at all, just used it for sleeping. Apparently, you get the best rate by booking online. Tripadvisor review.

Also, I got some useful information from Travelfish, while I was in SE Asia (but not for KL.) Have a great trip!
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Check out Tune Hotels. This is an AirAsia-owned hotel chain that brings the budget airline sensibility into hotel management; clean room with low rates, but you pay extra for air conditioning, hair dryer, wifi, etc. They have 2 locations in KL, one right at the airport, another downtown.
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... and there is the 4 month-old Monkee Inn and Bar, started by an American couple after their real estate business crashed in Dubai. An easy walk to the Hentian Puduraya, the bus terminus where you can get an express executive coach for a 5hr journey to Penang.
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Response by poster: Excellent, thanks so much for the suggestions. I'd looked at the listings for Tune and StayOrange, so it's good to hear first hand accounts.

Also I had a brainstorm after I posted this question. I've had luck in the past finding good accomodations looking for the GLBT listings for whatever city I'm going to. My hunch was correct, since it resulted in finding the listing for 41 Berangan, which also sounds like a decent place for a good price.
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