MySQL and I don't get along.
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Open-source blogging with Postgres.

Is there a halfway decent open-source blogging platform which will use PostgreSQL as its backend store?

I don't really care what language it's written in. There should be core functionality or well-supported plugins for basic blogging features like trackbacks, comment spam filtering, etc. I should be able to write plugins or extensions using a documented API of some sort. Other than that my requirements are pretty light. I don't mind a more general CMS if it is easily adapted to the creation of a traditional blog.
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Best answer: Serendipity.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that looks perfect.
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Django-mingus will also do the trick.
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Caravel CMS, too.
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Drupal now has good Postgres support.
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I used to work with the Movable Type team, and they put a ton of work into supporting Postgres at least through the 4.x versions (not sure about the new 5.0 version). Definitely worth a look.
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Any Java-based platform that uses JDBC should work with it.
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