Track Jacket Hunt
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Where can I buy the coolest men's track jackets?

I usually buy mine from and Express, but I'm looking for places (either online or around the LA area) where I can buy unique-looking men's track jackets. Where should I go?
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I used to have an affinity for vintage track jackets and you can find a ton of cool ones on Ebay. A lot of the listings might say vintage, but they're not. There was a big insurgence of reproduction vintage track jackets back a few years back. Authentic vintage track jackets have obviously worn and aged tags on the inside of the garment.
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I'm hardly an arbiter of coolness, but many sports teams around the world offer online fan shops. Example. A little creative searching and you're certain to find something that's at least unique.

Con: in a large city, you might actually be approached by an excited fan from whatever country--then you have to explain "Uh, I just liked the jacket".
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