How do I schedule a Facebook link post?
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How do I schedule a Facebook link post?

I currently use HootSuite to schedule Twitter and Facebook posts for my publication. We do 5-8 posts of our recent news stories spread evenly throughout the day.

The posts would be much more attractive on facebook if we had the option of scheduling the post as a link (which embeds the photo, some article text and room for commentary).

HootSuite, which was built for Twitter, does not offer this functionality and I've checked out a couple of other clients and couldn't find this featured offered.

The posts must be scheduled. I have many other duties within the publication so I don't have time to space out the posts manually.

Any suggestions or other approaches?
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I don't know that there is a good way to do this.

I've had a similar frustration with Tweetdeck- when it posts to Facebook it just puts the link in the text, not in the FB "link" area.
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I'm not sure if this accomplishes exactly what you're looking for, but you can import RSS feeds with Facebook, and the articles will show up with a title, article summary (really, the first sentence or two), and a photo thumbnail. If your CMS doesn't schedule posts, you could roll a quick Wordpress install/use to schedule the posts.
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Response by poster: @niles: That's a pretty good answer, my hope is that I'll find a solution that has the slick twitter integration of HootSuite with the features that I need. Maybe I'm dreaming to large. Also, I'm a little confused about the link. I only see where it asks for a URL to pull content from, it be better if it was RSS.
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There is no twitter interface that I am aware of, but Blogger lets you schedule posts, and you can import Blogger feeds into Facebook as explained in niles' link.

I only see where it asks for a URL to pull content from, it be better if it was RSS.
You can put an actual RSS feed address where it asks you for the URL.

Also, you may want to check out pixelpipe.
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DumbPoet: some URLs automatically serve RSS when requested, which I think is what the example URL is doing. I've been using this feature for over a year, and it works fine just by linking directly to a RSS feed's URL.
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