Help me learn about this painter!
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Where can I learn more about the Czech painter Mikulas Medek?

I came across several of his paintings when I was visiting Prague. I'd love to know more about the artist and see more examples of his work. Wikipedia tells me that he is "one of the most important representatives of modern Czech painting", but I can't seem to find anything beyond a basic bio, and examples of his work online are scant. Any reading suggestions on post-war Czech art in general would also be greatly appreciated!
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Try asking one of the Czech Cultural centers. There's one in New York and a couple of others. They might know some art historians who can help.

He's mentioned here as a "a silenced figure of Czech abstract art with great artistic feeling."

And you're going to have to translate into Czech, but this is from a showing of his work a couple of years ago, with a symposium. If you click on the links, there's texts of some of the presentations. Sorry its all in Czech.

Here's a place to start for some others.
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