Where to buy skis in or somewhat near NYC
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After many years of non-skiing, I'm a-comin back. I went through the rental rigmarole last weekend and it preeeetty much sucks, so I'm waiting till February for the end-of-season sales to kick in, and then getting skis, boots, poles. The question is: Where? I'm in NYC, but willing to drive up to, say, an hour. My fantasy is to find a place with a lot of selection, really good prices, and a patient, knowledgeable salesperson. If I can have only one of those things, it would be the patient, knowledgeable salesperson. Thanks, and...woo hoo! skiing!
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Misses on the time criteria (at two hours), but you can combine a trip to Kenver with a day at Catamount or Butternut. They are knowledgeable and friendly, plus they have a fire and coffee.
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i was going to say Kenver as well!!! south egremont, mass. breakfast at mom's cafe. drive the speed limit. south egremont is notorious for pulling people over.
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Kenver is a great store. I always stop in when in their neck of the woods.

If you're willing to drive that far, you might also consider The Pro Ski and Ride near Hunter Mountain, NY, especially if you need boot fitting. A couple of my co-instructors swear by Keith.
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Also, Hickory and Tweed in Armonk, NY meets your distance and knowledgeable salesperson criteria. Maybe not so much on price on hot items (though I don't know what their sales are like,) but they've cut me some deals on older stock before.
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If you are looking for great deals, maybe you could wait until the fall when ski shops are looking to get rid of their inventory from last year. I'm not in NY, but there may be swap sales near ski areas that also have new gear. At least that is the case in OH. Have fun!
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Growing up we would always go to the Ski Barn on Rt 17 N in Paramus, NJ. Back then they had great customer service, great selection, and pretty good prices. But this was in the 80's, so I can't claim to have any knowledge of their current customer service. Good luck!
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I've bought gear from Ski Barn and Cury's on Rt. 17 North in NJ, but not recently, so I can't guarantee that either is going to have a good atmosphere or selection these days.
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Paragon on Broadway/17th has some ski stuff.
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