Help me find a book that is like "Diary of a Spaceperson" but is something else.
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What is this faintly-remembered book, if not "Diary of a Spaceperson"? It was a book of illustrations of a future tourist trip of the great sights of the (fanciful future) solar system. Like "Diary", it was similar to the Terran Trade Authority books. More clues inside...

Everything I remember about the book exactly matches "Diary of a Spaceperson" by Chris Foss, but I ordered this book, it arrived, and it is not the book. Here is some of what I remember:

- It was a large book of space illustrations in the Chris Foss style, similar to Terran Trade Authority books such as Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD.

The tour of the solar system included planets/illustrations such as
- giant (blue-ish?) creatures (of neptune?) with necks kilometers high to allow them to filter feed up above the clouds.
- a restaurant made out of the skull of one of these creatures?
- a safari location, with illustrations of the hunting weapons, including a futuristic looking bow+arrows.
- a (las-vegas-like?) resort or something, where (much like "Diary of a Spaceperson"), there were a lot of hot people (and humanoids) in scanty/sexy outfits.

Any idea what this book could be?
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Best answer: Can't recall the title, but I gave it to my little brother and he still has it. Another detail is the prize-winners wander into some restricted zone towards the end of their journey, and their brains are subsequently wiped of that detail. Final scene shows future-London, where they return home, at the end. The scope was inter-steller, not just interplanetary.
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Best answer: Tour of the Universe. I bought it a few years back.
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Response by poster: On the basis of Gridlock Joe's answer, I ordered Tour of the Universe, it just arrived, and it is indeed the book! Thank you!
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