A Big Sound from Little Walter
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About ten years ago, I heard a song by Little Walter that blew me away and I'm trying to find it again. The thing that sticks out most distinctly in my mind was a moment in the harmonica solo when he blows the harp so hard that something cataclysmic happens to the amplifier/speaker. It's a terrific wail, almost a painful shriek, and I would love to find that song again so I can hear that moment one more time. Any ideas what the song might be?

I'd love to avoid the labor of listening to every Little Walter recording that's available online, and I've already read this thread and Googled to no avail.

For extra credit, if you can suggest a diagnosis about what actually happened at that moment in the recording (did a tube blow out spectacularly? Did a speaker cone tear?), I'd be ever so grateful.

Thanks, music geeks!
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I don't know about blowing out a speaker, but the Little Walter tune with the craziest distortion-y effects (that I know about) is Blue Light.
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That is a pretty wicked recording - thanks for sharing it! - but not the tune I'm looking for. Any other possibilities?
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