looking for a decent digital recorder for binaural recordings
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I'm looking for a small, inexpensive digital recorder that will work with an external microphone and hopefully uses standard AA or AAA batteries. I want to use it for making binaural recordings. I would like to make decent quality recordings, but professional quality is not essential. I will likely be using this microphone.

I've seen a couple old posts here on mefi, but I thought someone might have some newer information. Ideally, I'd like to spend under $100. Again, I'm not planning on making professional recordings. I just want to record some nature sounds, bicycle rides, theme park trips for fun. But I would like the recordings to be of decent quality.
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I have the Olympus WS-210S and I've been happy with it so far. It works with an external mic and uses one AAA battery. It's extremely lightweight and pretty tiny. The one not-so-good thing about Olympus digital recorders is that they record WMA files, but there are various programs you can use to convert them to WAVs or MP3s.

Also, I paid $60 for the recorder on Amazon 6 months ago, so I don't know why it costs $100 now. Olympus makes a few other digital recorders with similar specs, and they all tend to have pretty good reviews.
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I was actually coming on here to recommend the same product! We actually used them for broadcast recordings and they were just fine! It was a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure it was the exact same model, but we were really impressed by the results we got -
1. If we used a good mic
2. if we used the lowest compression setting
3. If we turned off all of the 'voice filter' settings

good little recorder for the price!
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Response by poster: How much recording time can you get from the Olympus on the lowest compression setting?
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I have a Sony ICD-UX70, which costs about $90 and records MP3 files at 160 kbps. It requires a single AAA battery, and has a standard 1/8" stereo microphone jack. It is simple and straightforward, and does exactly what it needs to do.
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I'm pretty sure it was 8 hours in the STHQ mode (stereo, high quality).
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Technical specs for the Olympus WS-210S are here.
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You might be satisfied with a MiniDisc recorder. The Sony MZ-R70 was an optimum model (review).
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Best answer: The Olympus LS-10 is extremely popular for this sort of application, and very popular. (I have a few friends who have them, mostly for recording practice/jam sessions, and they all seem to like it very much.) However, it's out of your price range unless you can get a very good deal on a used one. But if you can afford it, that's the way I'd go.

The one thing I'd suggest, based on my experience with a cheap Olympus recorder, is that you get one that uses removable SD cards for storage. This is the one thing that I think is totally obnoxious about my recorder, and the one area where the audio-recording device market is miles behind the photographic market. (Built-in memory is so 1997, and it should stay there.)

If I were buying a new recorder now, I'd probably look at the inexpensive Sanyos, like the ICR-FP600D and 700D. The only thing I think you need to figure out is whether they produce "plug in power" for Sony-style condenser microphones, or if they just have passive inputs. I can't find anything in a quick look at the spec sheets, so you may be out of luck there. But it might be worth double-checking or even contacting Sanyo about, since they are nice little recorders offering basically unlimited capacity at under $100.
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Response by poster: Well it turns out I just got a great deal by getting a Tascam DR-08 on pre-order and bundling it with the mics that I was going to purchase anyway. Reviews sound good. I'm ending up getting a much better quality recorder than I was expecting to purchase at about $110 more than the cost of the mics alone. Thanks for your help everyone!
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Tascam DR-08


You should really think about putting something up on Projects once you've made some recordings. I find binaural stuff fascinating, and I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in hearing it.

Good luck!
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