Recent German Luftwaffe movie?
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Looking for a recent WWII movie from the German Luftwaffe perspective. Ideas?

Asking for a friend:
I remember seeing this movie being talked about around some kind of movie awards show in the last year or so. It is a foreign made movie (spoken language is English) of WWII from the German Luftwaffe perspective.
Further detail (not much):
The movie would have been made in the last 1 - 3 years. It looked really interesting as there really aren't that many movies on WWII done from the German perspective.

I don't think it's Downfall. I'm almost positive it was in English and I'm pretty sure it focused in on the air battles, etc etc...

It was definitely a movie, not a documentary style thing. I'm 75% sure it is actually a German movie though if that'll help at all.
Thanks for any suggestions!
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Best answer: This is WWI, not WWII, but I think you're thinking of The Red Baron.
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The Devils General? Not sure how much of it is air battles, and not recent (1955) but it is a German made movie
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Not Tom Cruise's recent Valkyrie?

A German movie filmed in English? Extremely doubtful.
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Response by poster: @Prospero - this sounds like a really good bet! I've relayed it to him and will let you know if that's the one.

Thanks all!
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I immediately thought of The Blue Max starring George Peppard as a WWI Luftwaffe pilot, but that was made in the sixties.
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Response by poster: Confirmed - Propero nailed it! Thanks for the assist =)
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Response by poster: Prospero*

Sorry :)
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