What is this wall socket for?
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My unit was built in Australia in the 60's or 70's and has an odd socket on the wall. It has two small round holes, 2-3mm in diameter, spaced approx 3mm apart. It's above my power point and below the telephone socket. Here's a picture of it. Does anyone know what it is used for?
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Best answer: Old TV antenna socket.
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Is this in the bathroom or kitchen by any chance? It's an old socket for appliances like electric razors, hairdryers, wireless etc. I have no idea what the specification is (well before my time), but that's what it was used for. A trip to the salvos may still yield old appliances with this setting.

In fact, I believe I found it, the old BS 4573 see here.

I quote:

"In the United Kingdom and Ireland, what appears to be a larger version of the type C plug exists for use with shavers (electric razors) in bath or shower rooms.[13] In fact it was not derived from the type C plug at all, but was a legacy from the obsolete 2 pin 5 amp plug used in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s but still prevalent, especially in bathrooms, as late as the 1960s. It has 0.2 in (5.08 mm) diameter pins 5⁄8 in (15.88 mm) apart, and the sockets for this plug are often designed to accept unearthed CEE 7/16, US or Australian plugs as well. Sockets are often able to supply either 230V or 115V. In wet zones, they must contain an isolation transformer compliant with BS 3535."
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I stand corrected! That was fast!
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Response by poster: Thanks goshling! I thought that might be the case, but just kept finding pics of the newer types of antenna sockets.
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Believe it or not the same question was asked and answered already, by another person in Australia, just last year. There's some additional discussion and detail there.
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