How can I use orange-flavored olive oil?
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What can I do with 350ml of orange-flavored olive oil, besides salad dressings? Can I use it in baked goods, and if so what? Thanks!
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Well, orange olive oil cake is kind of classic.
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What about muffins? Some muffins call for olive oil for the fat, and you could put in orange-complementary tidbits, like walnuts and apricots.

Alternately, what about using it for a citrus-based marinate?
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You can use it in savoury muffins.

Citrus also marries well with duck, kangaroo, and chicken, but particularly the first two. Other flavours that go well:

fennel (both seeds and fresh)
_mild_ basil (e.g pan fry some chicken maryland in your oil, mix in a splash of dry white, juice of 2 lemons, or 1 lemon and 1 orange, scatter with torn basil, put the citrus halves in the pan, then into a 190-200' celsius fan oven for 35/40 minutes. On removal, a splash more white wine, serve over bitter lettuce like rocket. Yummy).

Consider pasta; the oil tossed into spaghetti with pinenuts, shallots, some romano for example.

Avoid cream, red meat and fish.
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Wow, you guys, fifteen minutes and I'm already hungry. Thanks, and keep 'em coming!
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Hmmm... I'd have no problem serving it for dipping bread, maybe with some red pepper and fresh rosemary.

It would be interesting to try it in a tapenade for a citrusy spin, working in another citrusy fruit, maybe kumquats?

Or brush it on top of focaccia dough with chopped walnuts, fresh bruised rosemary, kosher salt, red pepper flakes, chopped dried apricots, and crumbled gorgonzola before putting it in the oven to bake.

Or maybe just float some on top of a traditional white gazpacho before serving.
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Make granola with it! There's this New York Times recipe. If you can stand a self-link, I have a recipe for it, too.

Make orange chicken with it--not like Asian-style orange chicken, but like you'd make lemon chicken--pound chicken cutlets thin, dust them with flour, cook them in the orange olive oil, then at the end, add some orange juice, white wine, garlic, and chicken broth to make a sauce. I bet it'd be awesome.

It'd probably be great on veggies, as well. Green beans, carrots, and broccoli immediately come to mind, but I'm sure that there's a whole list of veg that'd be fantastic.
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Drizzle it over chocolate ice cream.
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Brownies. They will be really truly divine.
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This chocolate cake recipe but sub in the orange olive oil in place of the vegetable oil. I'd probably add orange zest to exaggerate the flavor as well. Also, a nice orange zest buttercream icing might be nice..

I noticed this was suggested above but banana bread, savory breads, carrot cake, and assorted muffin recipes also call for oil. With some flavor tweaking, I bet you could come up with something delicious. There are also quite a few chocolate syrups or ganaches that call for oil.. Orange and chocolate goes well together.
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From Ms. Vegetable: Everyday Baking had an episode once with an olive oil cornmeal cake:

recipe here
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We've marinated fresh tuna steaks, chicken and mixed fresh vegetables in blood orange olive oil (throwing in a bit of salt, pepper, garlic) then grilled them and they were amazing. (obviously not all at the same time)
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I'd think it might work in a scone. Here's a recipe that calls for olive oil.
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