Map-Enabled Survey Data Collection?
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Can I use Google Maps in conjunction with a Google Spreadsheet form to collect point data (X/Y) and answers about those points?

I'd like to create a survey that measures what people think are the boundaries of places in my state (Delaware). In this survey, respondents would click on their home location and then answer a series of questions about that location (name of neighborhood, name of town, name of area/region, etc.). Once I have enough points and responses, I can use spatial analysis tools to create the perceived boundaries of places (incorporated and otherwise) in my state.
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Google search term: "Google Maps API"
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Response by poster: That may work, and I will follow up. But I was also wondering if this can be done entirely "in the cloud." This solution appears to require some server-side work and installation of some tools on teh server.
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Yeah, to be honest, I don't really know. All I know is that the way the various google apps communicate with one another is via this API thing.

I'm not really a tech person. I just knew the API term so added it to the google search string I used and got that link.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Maybe the documentation for google spreadsheets has an explanation of how this can be done more easily.
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