Does anyone have any cool amygdala lesion videos? Rage cats? Kluver-bucy syndrome?
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Does anyone have any cool amygdala lesion videos? Rage cats? Kluver-bucy syndrome?

I'm doing a presentation. I don't expect that anyone does, but can't hurt to ask.
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I searched wicked hard, and all I could come up with was this, which I found from a page about Kluver-Bucy Syndrome. However, there's no info about it, and I'm not sure what's up with that guy.
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What exactly are you looking for? Media files of the brain images or of the subjects?

A quick pubmed search for both 'amygdala lesion video' or 'Kluver-bucy syndrome' brings up plenty of results to start digging through but I don't know which ones are relevant to what you want. It's a pretty vague search term, maybe being more clear about the type of file you're looking for will help bring it up? Using google scholar, pub med or web of science is going to be the best bet for bringing up research, although they probably won't index the media files directly.

What I'd do personally is find papers where people have published studies using the kind of images I wanted (possible example), then either look at the University webpage of the groups responsible (since media files often end up showcased there) or contact the researchers directly and ask if they have an example you can use. Being clear about exactly what you ask for will be key when contacting someone.
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As an example, this paper lead me to these people. The videos here may or may not be what you want (I can't get them to play at work), but if nothing else it looks like these guys research epilepsy imaging so it might be a good group to contact directly.
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