Help me find furniture stores in Innsbruck, Austria!
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Where can I buy furniture in Innsbruck, Austria?

I have been to Ikea to look at their furniture for my new flat in Innsbruck, but since my last flat in the UK was fully Ikea furnished, I'm interested in exploring other options in addition to Ikea! Any ideas? Everything must be reasonably accessible by public transport and not too far from Innsbruck. I'm new here and don't have a clue where people go to shop for this kind of thing! In particular I'm looking for sofas and beds, but other items of storage furniture too.
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the german word for furniture is Möbel, so... here ya go. furniture stores tend to be cluttered in the same area. hit up one or two and you're bound to find more.
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I'm actually reasonably good at German so I can do a google search fine, but thanks for the help anyway!...but I'm looking for insider info on where people go to get stuff...most of the places I get in google searches seem to be small exclusive furniture shops, whereas I'm after somewhere bigger and more like Ikea, but not Ikea....
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I don't know where the locals shop (although I'm sure it's Ikea if they don't want to drop €3000 on a sofa set), but if you're looking for cheap furniture that isn't from Ikea, you can give Mömax a look: their Innsbruck store looks like it's near public transit. I bought some stuff from them up here in Nürnberg and it is functionally identical to Ikea, but since it's not Ikea you don't get that creepy feeling when you go over to someone's house and they have all the same furniture and accessories you do arranged in a different configuration.
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