How do I search for newspaper articles by title?
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How do I conduct online searches for newspaper articles by their title?

I am looking for articles on the subject of translation. Using the website as an example, is it possible to search exclusively for articles which have this word in the title?
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Not perfectly, since until the semantic web people complete their takeover, the concept of "title" isn't something that has one universally understood indicator on the web. Title of the HTML document/window? Headline? How to identify a headline on an arbitrary website?

But you can come pretty close with Google searches like this:
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I just tried out the search engine on, and it's decent. Type 'translation,' and choose the option that lets you search by relevance. I haven't delved into the results much, but all the ones coming up on the first page have 'translation' in the title.

Not all newspaper websites have this level of search detail, however. It's also worth noting that newspaper article titles aren't always so subject-specific - often they're quippy, or built on puns, referencing a quote, etc. If the story first appeared in print, then online, the subject matter might have been conveyed by an image and only alluded to in the headline, which is something that doesn't always come across in web versions of stories. (And not all newspapers have staff who will go through and make web-friendly changes like this.)

Have you thought about getting help at your nearest library? There are often online databases of newspapers (both recent and long-ago editions) and librarians who know how to search those databases effectively.

Another low-tech option is to find a special interest group/association who might be paying attention to the stories as they happen and compiling the stories or links for their audience or funders. Some environmental groups, for example, will have sections on their websites where they link to/republish the latest environmental stories that catch their eye, or relate to their specific causes. Would there be any sort of translation association with a similar approach, or regional associations that would be keeping an eye on stories about translation appearing in regional newspapers?
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Have you tried using google and the search phrase [ intitle:translation]?
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Google News can handle this. Just add the term intitle:translation to your queries. It turns up 162 recent articles, but you can pick a broader time period in the left-hand bar to expand your search. Here are sixty BBC articles with "translation" in the title from the last decade, for instance.
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LexisNexis enables you you to search within news headlines [as well as specify other constraints for part of a search, like Anywhere, At the Start, Company, In the Indexing, Major Mentions, and Three or More Mentions]. Unfortunately, it' not free, but it's possible you have access through an employer/library/university.
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