Possible fixes for DVR error
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When fast-forwarding, my DVR jumps to the end of a show. Any solutions besides taking it back to Time Warner?

After two years of working fine -- well, pretty good -- my DVR has decided it doesn't like me fast-forwarding through commercials anymore.

While in fast-forward, whether the speed is five "triangles" or two, the DVR will jump to the end of the show and bring up the "Delete/Don't Delete" message. I then have to rewind the whole thing -- almost 2 hours for the recent "24" premiere -- to where I was. Oddly, the rewind function works fine.

Is there any possible fix for this or do I get to have the immense joy of unhooking the box and taking it back to Time Warner for a replacement?

Thanks for any ideas you may have.
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Mine does it too and it drives me insane. I'll be watching this thread!
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Figure out what model you have (e.g. Motorola XYZ123), then search here to see if others have had the same problem.
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Mine did this too. I think we just had to get a new box.
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I've had the same issue with two different Time Warner DVRs. I think it's a problem with the software they put on them.
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Mine used to do this all the time when I was in the middle of an important baseball or football game. Nothing like hiding from everyone for a whole day so I could watch the game in peace and then having my cable box ruin the end for me by skipping to it.

I changed boxes but it kept happening, so I just stopped being a TW customer. I know that's not an option for everyone, but I was getting so frustrated and I couldn't take it anymore. Good luck!
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My understanding is that TW DVRs are just not very good and that forwarding/rewinding problems are endemic. Solution: Buy a Tivo.
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Are you continually holding down the fast forward button? If so, it might be taking you straight to the end of the show intentionally.

Mine does this, and it's not a bug. You can fast forward at 2x, 6x, 12x, 30x or (by holding down the button) straight to the end. The same applies for rewind.
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The Motorola DVR I have from Comcast used to do this exact thing and it was completely infuriating. They pushed out a firmware update a year or so ago that fixed it (and completely changed the rest of the UI as well). My workaround prior to the fix was to apply the "30 second skip" hack (example for comcast DVRs -- just google your model number plus the text "30 second skip). Hopefully you can do the same with the Time Warner version!
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Response by poster: AskMeFi says I should follow up, so here's the latest:

I took the DVR in and got a newer model, which actually seems to take a few steps backwards when it comes to features -- while my old DVR would automatically turn captions on when I muted the sound, this DVR only has options for captions on or off, and it's a pain even to access the menu to do it.

This DVR seemed to be fine for a few weeks...but recently, it did it's old "jump to the end" trick while I was fast-forwarding through a 1-hour TV show. I hope that's an isolated incident.

My "time-shifting" may have to be confined to iTunes and OnDemand shows if this situation can't be resolved; I can't afford upgrading to TiVo.

If you have any more thoughts, please feel free to add them.
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Me too. no at&t or fios in my area either.....gah!
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