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Does anyone have any experience with adapters for Sodastream machines?

Sodastream just upped their CO2 refill prices (again) and now charge an egregious amount for shipping, hazard surcharge, and sales tax (on carbon dioxide refills which appear to be non-taxable under the Pennsylvania tax code).
All of these things together make me want to find an alternative. I'd like to hear if anyone has any experience of the various adapters that are out there for use with the Sodastream machine.

I'm not brave enough to fill my own CO2 canisters, nor do I have space for a large tank. So a Paintball CO2 tank + adapter combination looks favorite.
Has anyone tried using a Paintball CO2 tank with a Sodastream machine? Does it work well? Which adapter would you recommend?
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I buy by 60L soda stream refills at Williams Sonoma for $15 each. That's what they've been for a while, and I just bought some at that price last week. I find that's the easiest way to exchange the carbonators, and you don't have to pay for shipping.
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Would the gas not need to be food grade? If so I don't think I fancy a tall cold glass of hobby-grade co2.
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If you have an RV dealer near you, see if they have a Camping World store in the shop. That's where I exchange my carbonators. Couldn't be easier. Now, if they'd just stock the soda flavors....
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