Fonts used for Springsteen Album
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I am trying to make a a design based on the one used on the cover of the Bruce Springsteen album "Welcome to Asbury Park." Does anyone know of any free fonts which are similar to the ones on the original?
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The whole album cover is hand-lettered. The "Greetings From" looks like geometric type and the "Asbury Park" looks like a fun time with Photoshop.
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I found this one pretty quick - not quite the same, the S isn't right; there are a lot of 'fat' fonts that can work, if you mess with them enough, but I think the Springsteen font and other "Greetings From" postcards use hand-illustrated letters in order to make the image work, and there's not true 'font' for them.
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Why not follow the lead of the original illustrator and hand render that font yourself? Then you can scan it in and then digitize it in photoshop or illustrator. I personally have found that to be easier than scouring the web for the right font in many cases.
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Rendering the font by hand and scannin would be the ideal method, but it was just a quick and dirty project so something close was good enough. I ended up using gatsby and coliseum.

Here is the end result.

What do you think?
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