Help me find a taxi
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Left a camera in a taxi last night in Minneapolis. Would like to try to find the taxi company or driver, and welcome your tips on doing so.

After bar close last night, we got into a green Dodge Caliber taxi that didn't (as far as I could see) have the name or logo of any local cab company printed on the side. During the ride, my boyfriend's awesome new camera slipped out of his pocket, and he didn't realize this until the cab was driving away. I ran after the cab as best as I could without slipping on the ice, but no dice.

We called several local cab companies last night - Blue & White, Green & White, Gold Star, Rainbow - to figure out if they have any cars that match this description, but they all said they didn't. Does anyone know of any green Dodge Caliber taxis in the Twin Cities? Any clue on how I might find out?

I realize this is a long shot, but it was our last Friday in Minneapolis, meaning there were lots of fantastic photos on that camera. And my boyfriend really, really loved that thing.
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Did you pay cash or credit? If you paid with plastic, you'll be able to find out what company you used.

Of course, you could have been using a gypsy cab* which case you can kiss the camera goodbye as there are no consumer protections with the unlicensed.

(*calling it this only because this is the common name for unlicensed cabs, not a swipe by me against the Romany people.)
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Where did you get into the cab? If it was outside a business of some sort, call them and ask about that cab.
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Have you tried calling the police station and reporting it to lost and found? The taxi company, or another passanger, might turn it in there.
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Green and White/Suburban is the only local company I know of with green cabs. And their name is printed in large black letters on both sides of the car.

Unless you paid with a card, you probably won't be able to get very far with this. And even then, you just get the company name. The camera is probably gone, unfortunately.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help, folks. Turns out a friend of ours did manage to catch the name of the cab company last night ... it was Ecco Cab. My boyfriend called them; they sent a message out to all the drivers, and our driver called him shortly afterwards to let him know he has the camera and he can drop it off. Huge relief. Thanks again.

(As an aside, we now wholeheartedly recommend Ecco Cab. Our driver was really polite, the car was super-clean and new, we got a great fare, and they got us my boyfriend's camera back. What more could you ask?)
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I saw an Ecco Cab cruise by my office earlier today and thought of this post. Glad to hear you already figured it out! Must be a newer/smaller operation.
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