A warm spring break destination where we can ride our bikes?
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A warm spring break destination where we can ride our bikes?

We're not serious cyclists, but we do love travel that combines sightseeing and biking. For instance, we had a great time exploring Key West and Paris on our bikes. Since we'll be traveling in March, we're hoping for something warm (it doesn't have to be hot-- just warmer than NYC in March). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, guys.
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Maybe Savannah GA or Charleston, SC? The streets do have a lot of cars, but both would be good fun on bikes as well.
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Another vote for the Georgia coast, specifically the Golden Isles. You can easily ride on the beaches because the islands are not too heavily developed. The marshlands and Live Oaks are truly beautiful.
Cumberland Island National Seashore: Only a limited number of people are allowed on the Island each day. Wild horse, alligators and ruined mansions.
Jekyll Island: more mansions and historic tours
St. Simons: more touristy, with restaurants and a Lighthouse, and some neat historic sites

I haven't biked it, but route 17 between Savannah and the Islands is a nice trip. It'd be perfect for biking. And it's funny that that website mentions how great it is to see the moon rise from the end of 4th street. I used to live near there, and that's the spot where I saw a moon sooooooooo gigantic that it took my breath away. I swear it appeared to be 10 times the size of any moon I've ever seen. So try to be there for a full-moon to see if you get the same effect over the marshes.
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Another East Coast suggestion: I love the Outer Banks. You might too.

Some information: here and here.

Have fun!
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San Francisco. Very bike friendly and should be in the mid-50s in March (good for biking the hills!). Here is a San Fran bike rental/tour place that is probably a good resource for planning your own itinerary. Plus, there will be good food, wine, and cultural events for when you're not biking.
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New Orleans was very pleasant when I visited last April, and there were a ton of casual cyclists in the French Quarter. Other roads in the city looked reasonably bike friendly as well.
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Hilton Head is great for biking.

The FL panhandle -- little towns around Appalachicola are terrific for riding.
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