Need a dress I can swan around in and sing!
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DivaFilter: Anybody with recommendations for where to get floor length gowns in Toronto? I'm plus-size and in need of a dress fit for an opera singer.

I've been getting back into singing shape and have a concert coming up in February that requires a new fancy dress. I have some options already (mainly from Addition-Elle) that were work holiday party options. They are mostly ankle length but I'm thinking I want to invest in something in the floor length variety.

Any recommendations on where to look for something suitably dramatic?
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Best answer: Have a look here. They're in Toronto and sell several gowns made by Igigi. They seem a bit low on stock right now, though.

You can also buy gowns directly from the Igigi's online shop. I've bought clothing and dresses from them before and was very happy with my purchases.

If you don't mind ordering online, have maxi dresses that might be suitable as well.
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I have had fabulous luck buying gowns at vintage shops. Wore one at my last concert (which was some years ago). It was distinctive, elegant, and people remarked on it; it was perfect. I really think that vintage clothing is sometimes more gown-y and workable than modern formal clothing sometimes, which often seems kind of generic (even the stuff you see for pageants and especially proms and holiday dresses).

Yes, it can be less expensive, but you can use some of those savings for alterations if needed.

Good luck!
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Have you looked at Voluptuous in dufferin mall? I know they go short more than long but maybe you will get lucky. Otherwise, maybe talk to the staff at some of the vintage shops.
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Amtho, you're right that vintage often trumps new, but the downside is it's basically impossible to find "good" vintage (meaning classy, gorgeous, standout) in plus sizes. Those garments just don't exist.
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I'd never heard of IGIGI before but dang- some gorgeous stuff! Several of the non-bride garments on this page are knockouts and would look great in a concert setting.
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Best answer: I have been drooling over these dresses for the past week or so: Their idea of plus is on the smaller side, but there are a couple of gems in the mix:

THIS dress is one of my faves. :)

This one looks like it could be swanned around in.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! All the links are super helpful.
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