Can I use this laptop in a dim room?
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Do all new Lenovo laptops, or at least all Ideabooks, have the keyboard light? I love the keyboard light built into the top of the screen, but can't figure out if the Y550 has it, and the vendor has not been able to answer definitively.
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I think the answer is no. Lenovo/IBM call this feature ThinkLight and as far as I know it is only found on their ThinkPad notebooks. ThinkWiki has some info about which ThinkPad lines have ThinkLights. This forum thread about the Y550 includes a mention that there are "No backlight or thinklight on the ideapad."

The Lenovo website lists "ThinkLight" under "Other Features" in ThinkPad specs but there is no mention of keyboard illumination in the Ideapad Y-series specs that I checked.
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Spec sheets for all Lenovo models. It looks like all Thinkpad models have the ThinkLight, and none of the Ideapads do.
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Holy crap. I have a ThinkPad and I had NO IDEA I had a keyboard light. I just found the key on the keyboard. Thanks, guys! (and I feel like an idiot for not knowing that!)
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Cooker girl, I've pointed that light out to some very experienced IT professionals, and it's a feature I love. There's a great deal on an Ideapad, now I have to decide if the savings compensate for the lack of the Thinklight.
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I have one of these lights on my x200s - it's just great.
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Yeah, what's nice is that the Fn and PgUp/light key are at opposite corners of the keyboard so that you can actually find them in the absolute pitch black just by finding the keyboard perimeter.

I have owned several ThinkPads and have played around with a couple of IdeaPads. I think the IdeaPads are good machines, but overall I prefer the ThinkPads. In case you weren't aware, Lenovo has an outlet that offers new products ordered but never shipped (usually from large business orders where the quantity was changed). These are already configured, so you take what's available, but the selection is usually pretty good and the price is too - typically 30-50% off.
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Clerestory, thanks, I'll check that out.
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