how do i shot ssh on phone
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Is there a way to run J2ME apps that need to access the internet/filesystem on the LG Rumor 2 (virgin firmware)? Can I do this without having to edit the _policy file?

I have searched all the regular sources for information on this (howardforums, sprintusers, etc) but I can't seem to find a way to sign a .jar or .jad in a way that the phone will accept without actually having to get into the phone's filesystem with bitpim (which I have been unable to do thus far) and edit the _policy file to allow unfettered access to ANY app. I'm willing to do this but I've been unsuccessful in accessing the phone with bitpim over bluetooth and can't find a reasonably priced data cable for it.

Please don't link to all those threads on howardforums that are just full of people asking a bunch of unrelated questions, my google-fu is fine.
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The point of signed apps is that the private key that authenticates them is never published. The app is signed with a private key and your phone confirms it with the public key. If you can add another valid public key to the keystore, then you could hack it, but I'm guessing your phone isn't popular enough for anyone to bother trying.
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