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Looking for a (free) continental US shapefile.

I'm using a graphing tool display geographic-based data on a map, and it uses GIS shapefiles for display. The data is by state, US-only, so I need a relevant shapefile to work with. My problem is that the only relevant shapefiles I've found include a correctly-sized Alaska, which is giant in proportion to its relevance to my data. I've come across this, which is closer to what I want, but it doesn't include coastal boundaries (only internal ones). My questions are:

- Is there a shapefile out there that only includes the continental US (I'm fine with excluding Alaska and Hawaii for this purpose)?
- Barring that, what's the easiest way to modify a shapefile by resizing the Alaska shape and changing it's map position? I'm not a GIS specialist, but I am a developer. Mac or Win is fine.
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Here's the coastline. And a direct link. It doesn't have internal boundaries, but it can be combined with the state bounds shapefile you already have.
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Well, I'm no expert in this field, but maybe you can find what you need somewhere in here? Apologies if it's not as relevant as I think it is.

I also found this "map layer" from Hope it helps.
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It doesn't have internal boundaries, but it can be combined with the state bounds shapefile you already have.

How would I go about doing that?
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The National Atlas [] has tons of free, nation-wide GIS shapefiles. It's probably not the shapefile that you want to change, but rather the projection of the map. There are a handful of "USA Contiguous" projections that you can go through to find one you're happy with.
You can use a free utility like QGis to edit the shapefile and restrict it to just the contiguous US. There are some basic tutorials available to help get you started.
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Why, I just needed one of those yesterday. I ended up using the North American Atlas - Political Boundaries shapefile from Geogratis in Canada. It does include those pesky Canadian provinces and territories, but they're pretty easy to ignore/remove.

Seconding QGIS. Works nicely on a Mac or PC. I'd recommend the 1.4 version.
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TIGER/Line Shapefiles
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If you're looking for state boundaries within the US as well, would this shapefile from work for you?
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Also, if you're looking for just the continental US and you have a shapefile with AK and HI you can easily delete features (states) in QGis.
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Thanks for the help! Turns out I was using an older (way older) version of QGis that wouldn't even let me select/delete features properly. Using the new version, I was able to strip out AK and HI.
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