Where in Seattle for cool vintage clothes?
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What are some good vintage clothes or accessory stores in Seattle?

I'm a guy living in Seattle (Capitol Hill to be specific). A female friend is coming for a visit and she'd like to do some shopping for cool clothes and accessories. We're looking for vintage/retro stuff, potentially second-hand. The primary interest is in clothes and accessories for ladies, but buying her boyfriend a cool winter hat is also an interest. What are some good shops to check out?
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Here you go.

As a personal recommendation, I love Le Frock. The folks at Pretty Parlor are pretty great too.
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BLARG! Why did my link get fucked up?

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The branch of Goodwill in the U District specializes in vintage (the manager is a friend of mine, and she is a total vintage maven). There are also a few similar places along that same strip of The Ave.
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Crossroads trading co. 325 Broadway Avenue East
Red Light 312 Broadway Avenue East
Atlas Clothing 1419 10th Ave
Value Village (Cap hill) 1525 11th Avenue
Le Frock Limited 317 East Pine Street
Pretty Parlor 119 Summit Ave E

There are lots of antique/retro shops around the Summit/Denny/John area also that might be interesting.
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Isadora's is a fantastic antique jewelry and accessories place. It's right near the Market (at the corner of 1st and Pine) so if you guys are doing the almost obligatory Market cruise, it's not out of the way to stop in. They consistently have a surprising amount nice stuff and much of it is well-priced. They have some cool mens stuff to, mostly in the way of vintage watches and cuff links.
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The Red Light also has a U-District location (4560 University Way NE). Also, Atlas moved a bunch of their more vintage-y stuff to their Fremont Vintage Mall location (3419 Fremont Place N). The Fremont Vintage Mall itself is probably worth a visit too.
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Old Duffer's Stuff in the Pike Place Market has lots of good stuff for both men and women. Diva Dollz on 1st Avenue in Pioneer Square has nothing but amazing women's vintage clothes and accessories.
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There's a cute little vintage store right on Summit and Republican, the Anne Bonny. I haven't been in there yet, but their windows are always full of awesome things!
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