Great homemade caramel corn in Seattle?
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Is there a great place in Seattle that makes homemade caramel corn? In Minnesota, where I'm from, places like Candyland offer giant tins of popped corn divided into three flavors--caramel corn in one section of the tin, plain in one, cheese popcorn in the third. You can smell it all the way down the street. Surely Seattle must have a place like this, right? Extra bonus points if it's north of downtown, Ballard-Fremont-Northgate area.
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Kukuruza at Pike and Third (215 Pike)?
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That would have been my answer.

They're kind of fancified though.
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No personal experience as I'm not a popcorn fan myself, but a friend strongly suggested you should check out Paige Lisbeth caramel popcorn from Whidbey.
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Ooh, I'm gonna have to order one of those Candyland old-fashioned tins!
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There's a candy shop on the main floor of the Seattle Center House (fun to watch those taffy machines do their thing!) and I'm sure they make and sell caramel corn too.
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I haven't been to the Fremont Sunday market in about a year or so, but there was always a stand set up near the end (Phinney side) that had kettle corn and caramel corn that was freshly made and always delicious.
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This might not be so helpful right now, but I usually get bags of kettle corn and/or caramel corn from either the vendors just north of Safeco field along Occidental during baseball season, or from the vendor that sets up outside of Westlake Center around Christmas time. Unfortunately, January to April is kind of a dead period for the outdoor popcorn guys. Also, I haven't ever seen them offer cheese popcorn.
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Thanks, all. I didn't have time to get down to Kukuruza, but it sounds like a great place to check for future! Instead I got some locally made, small-batch stuff called Simply Sinful that's available at Central Market (and Ballard and Greenwood Markets, I think). They had chocolate swirled, plain, cashew and almond.
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FYI, I went to Kukuruza later, and highly recommend it. Fun flavors (strawberry dipped in chocolate, raspberry dipped in white chocolate, rocky road, Smores, cappuccino, fruit medley) and the friendly owner and his young daughter were serving it.
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