How much are SMS (text) message deliveries worth to advertisers?
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If I have a group of people who are willing to receive SMS (text) messages with advertisements on their cell phones, how much is that worth to advertisers? What's the most important demographic information such advertisers would want for segmentation purposes? Gender? Age? Zip code? How would I find potential advertisers?
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Age, sex, marital status and household income or a proxy thereof.
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Response by poster: Thanks rr, that's helpful info. I assumed age and gender would be key demographics, and I assumed zip code could be a good proxy for household income (is that correct?), however I'm somewhat surprised by marital status. What does that tell an advertiser?
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whether to advertise "text flirty teens", or "cheap drinks all night", or "50% off decking tomorrow at the hardware store".
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Used to work for an SMS company that did this and the charge ranged from .10 to $1 a head, depending on how accurately targeted the user list was.
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