Customs and Immigration in Canada
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I'm flying from Boston to Vancouver via Toronto on Air Canada in a couple of weeks. Where can I expect to clear Canadian customs and immigration? Toronto or Vancouver?
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Toronto, from what I know.
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Toronto, being the first Canadian stop, yep. If you can do it with just a carry-on, do so - AC has been losing a lot of luggage lately!
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Toronto is the answer I expected.
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I may be remembering wrong, but when I have flown from NYC to Montreal, I am pretty sure they had a weird set up: I either had to pass through Canadian Customs in NY before we left, or I had to pass through US Customs in Montreal before I came back. So you might want to double check that you're not going to pass through customs in Boston.
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It's a little odd. You'll clear customs in Toronto, which means you'll have to reclaim any checked luggage there, clear customs with it, and then give it back to the airline for the second leg of the flight.
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Make sure you're acquainted with the most recent carry-on regulations for flights from Canada to the US. It shouldn't affect you inbound, but on the way home you may be more limited than usual (unless they change the rules yet again in between now and your flight). Just be glad you weren't flying over the last month or so, when no carry-on was allowed.

It may take longer than normal to pass through security in Toronto as they are apparently doing extra secondary screening for all passengers outbound to the US. Hope you have a long transfer time!
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I've actually passed through Canadian customs and immigration in Boston. There's a little bit of the airport that's technically Canada (and if I remember correctly they'll even take Canadian dollars there).
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Toronto. End of story.
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