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Is there a way in Firefox (3.x, fwiw) to have the password manager save login information on https sites?

Yes, I know it's a security risk but there are some websites I go to that I would like to save my registration info for, but firefox won't because the sites are on https://. Is there an extension or about:config setting I can tweak to enable this?
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It's not because they're on https, perhaps, but because the creator of the page put a bit of code in that informs the browser that passwords should not be saved, and firefox is honoring it. I have in the past used a bit of javascript in a bookmark to do it.

I basically have a bookmark that has this as the location:

Hope that comes through OK.

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Looks like it didn't... let me see if I can find where I got it from

OK I think I got it here
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I followed instructions here. It requires changing one line in a file. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux (scroll down for the location of the Linux file in comments).
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Thanks, both answers work great! I'm going to opt for the nsLoginManager.js change, myself, but I can see how others would prefer the bookmarklet.
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Little late to the game, but I like LastPass.
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Seriously? Mucking around in the internal .js files? And what happens after you install a Firefox update that touches that file? I use Allow Password Remembering.
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