Get VLC to save multiple streamed audio files from a single .asx playlist?
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I'm trying to use VLC media player 1.0.3 (XP) to capture, and save to file, 34 streaming audio tracks that are linked via a single .asx playlist. (The "play all tracks" link on this page.) I've been able to capture and save individual tracks from their individually-listed links, but I'd prefer not to go through that 34 times.

I pasted the .asx playlist link into the File / Open Network Link / Network tab. I typed a file name with .asf suffix into the Stream Output / Destinations tab. (Earlier VLC versions have pretty different panels and tabs.) VLC then starts receiving the stream correctly, each track in turn, but it saves each track under that one filename that I assigned – so each successive track copies over the prior one. What am I missing? Thanks for your help.
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There are a bunch of relevant shareware programs here that might do the job for you.
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I've found streamripper useful on Linux. There is a Windows front-end which I would presume works in the same way (but point-and-click rather than command line). It's free. Download it here.
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