I need some snazzy cardigans in Austin ASAP.
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Shopping filter: Store in Austin, TX with an above-average selection of moderately priced sweaters?

I'm a big sweater fan. It's too cold for me indoors a lot of places, so I like to wear cardigans. I'm looking for a brick-and-mortar store in the Austin, TX area that has a large selection of sweaters in small lady sizes under $40, if such a place exists. Bonus points if they offer petites, because I'm short and have skinny arms and the armholes are sometimes droopy in regular grown-up cut clothes. I'm looking for a place with a large selection because I'm on a time-crunch and need to shop as efficiently as possible.
To reiterate: I am really, truly ONLY looking for physical stores because I need some sweaters last minute for a trip as well, so I am hoping to shop between tonight and Saturday. Online won't work, unfortunately.
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Buffalo Exchange has many sweaters, super cheap.

I'd also check sales this time of year at the mall, obviously. It would probably help if you told us a bit about what style of clothing you like.
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Response by poster: I'm mostly looking for v-neck cardigans in solid colors. Nothing too special, just ones that are nice enough that they won't pill. I shopped a lot at Buffalo Exchange in the past, and have sweaters from there, but they tend to be a little worn. Right now I'm looking for new sweaters that will last a long time.
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Best answer: Urban Outfitters has had a good selection of inexpensive cardigans this season. I think it's going to be hard to find anything high quality under $40 in a locally owned boutique, unfortunately. Emerald's on Lamar, just north of W 6th, might be a good bet.

There's also Madewell up in the Domain. They tend to be more expensive, but you could find some post-holiday deals still. By George is pricey, too, but the S Congress location is more affordable, and they're having a 75% off sale right now.
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Best answer: J. Jill at Barton Creek has a petite section, and they constantly have sales. I often find stuff I like in Nordstrom's junior's department, which is WAY less expensive than the rest of the store. Also, check the outlets in San Marcos or Round Rock, depending where in Austin you live.
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Juniors', god.
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